Are you open to new opportunities?

Are you open to new opportunities?

I am a strong believer that if you work hard, believe in yourself and the path you have chosen you will succeed. But only if you keep your mind open to opportunities that come your way.

I witnessed this morning one of those magic moments when the universe just seems to align.  It was actually not for myself personally, but I was so happy for those it was for that I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

As some of you know, we are about to take off on indefinite fulltime travel as Cake and Eat it 3 and it wont be long until we hit the road.  The place we have been staying in is all but packed up/empty. I put a comment in one of the many travelling forums asking if anyone was going to be in our area for Easter.  A family of 5 in a fully self contained rig end up staying with us over Easter.  They took a chance.  They said yes to an opportunity that presented itself.  We had a ball!

We had been discussing business ideas, income opportunities and accommodation options for when they reach their destination just last night.

This morning when they were all packed ready to head North, their car battery was flat and needed to be jump started.

They flagged down a passing 4WD vehicle to ask if they could assist and what transpired in the next 20 minutes was nothing short of a miracle.  Not only did the car get jump started.

The guy was from up North, owned a business, needed staff, offered the wife a job – on the spot! Exchanged phone numbers, start dates sorted.

He also might know of some casual work for the husband and might be able to assist with accommodation!!  Can you believe it?!

Now the details of what happened to my friends is irrelevant to most of you.  But what it represents, putting out into the universe what you need/want. Writing down what it is you wish to achieve.  And most importantly identifying opportunities that come your way and EMBRACING them.

Maybe an offer is too good to be true, but maybe its not.

Put it out there, believe in yourself and be prepared for opportunities to come your way!

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