Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet about starting an investment portfolio?

Would you rather hear from someone who has done it?

With our eldest daughter having lots of questions on investing and how to get started we found the information is not out there in plain english.

We are not saying our opinion is the right one, the only one or there is not a quicker way of doing something. Make no mistake – This is not a get rich quick process. But we are saying by planning, keeping focussed and educating yourself you will get there.

If you are prepared to plan, if you are prepared to learn. If you are prepared to take control of your financial future and make sacrifices then your in the right place.

We have bought, sold, renovated, built, subdivided and believe in property as an investment. There will be a lot of talk on property. There will also be talk on shares, precious metals and anything else we come across that we may be considering.

There are many ways to invest with investment in yourself being the most important.

We have just entered semi retirement to commence full-time travel around Australia and the world. That was what we wanted for our financial future. The goal for everyone is different but it is about having the choice.

Life is for living lets make each day count!