All things Property – the sky is the limit

Property has played a huge part in our investment strategy.  We have lost track of the amount of times people both professional and personal told us we are too heavily weighted in property.  Under this menu you will find posts and helpful pages of all things property.

Now there is a lesson in this, as we LOVED, still love property and our theory was to stick to what you know.  I mean we have bought, sold, built, strata titled and renovated property – we LOVE property. 

We had a maintenance business that Brett did mostle after work, on weekends which meant we could then add value to the properties in body corporate situations.

Leanne worked in legal firms for over 20 years and helped others buy and sell real estate as a conveyancer for the larger part of that time. It was a great way of keeping a firm grasp on the genuine property market in the location we owned property in.

While growing our property holdings Leanne obtained a full Real Estate Licence in Queensland and managed our rental properties for a period of ten years.  This helped gain a very good understanding of the pros and cons of each property and improvements that would add value. We will cover this in more detail in future posts.

Nearing 20 years into our journey of building a long term investment portfolio we agree that diversification is important.  We hold and will discuss multiple investment classes on this site, not just property.

It is important to have investments in multiple classes (and sometimes locations) so that you spread your risk when a particular asset class is affected it does not undo all your hard work and sacrifice. We will talk more about that later.

Our position when it comes to property is BUY and HOLD.  There are good buys in any market but the key to remember when buying property is education. This does not mean that there are not times when the best course of action would be to sell.  We are talking about building a portfolio for the long term.

Research, Research and more Research will potentially save you thousands on every purchase you make.

All comments on our site are our opinion only based on our personal experiences.  If you are looking to invest in any asset class do your research and where necessary get professional advice.

Happy Investing.