Property Inspection Checklist

Inspecting Properties one after the other and being overwhelmed by the amount of information you are trying to remember? You need a Property Inspection Checklist and a camera/phone.

So you have decided to start looking at investment properties.  Whether it is for a princchecklistipal place of residence or investment you need to have an idea what you are looking for when you go through.

Once you have been through five or six (at least) you cant remember which one had the refurbished kitchen the internal lock-up garage or the bathroom that needed to be gutted.

I normally take a photo of the outside, so i can help jog my memory along with a photo of kitchen & bathroom which are the most expensive to renovate.

Then only damage or things that need my immediate attention. Paying particular attention to high cost items like

Roof condition and material


Fencing possibility of asbestos which is very expensive to remove

Security or lack of it

Electrical problems, Hot Water System and oven age replacement required

Inspection Sheet Potential New Property

I know you might be thinking, what will they think with you coming in with your clipboard and pen ticking and flicking as you go through the property.  But you will not remember everything about each property you have visited if you don’t.

It will also provide a great comparison tool between properties when you get back home.  This will allow you to be able to go over the benefits of each property. It is important to be comparing apples with apples.

A well maintained house can save you thousands of dollars and avoid upset tenants.

Happy Investing!