Maintaining your Motivation, especially when things get tough can be difficult.

Whether financially, illness, negativity from friends and acquaintances providing ‘reasons and advice’ why you should give up on your goals.  Why it wont work.

When you have been working seven days a  week for over a year (maybe many years) and you find yourself questioning “Is it all worth it?” remember,

This happens to everyone at some point in the journey. Sometimes it is a good thing to stop and question re-focus.  But the question is – Am I on track to achieve my goals? not why am I doing this. 

You answered the why, when you begun the journey. You want to secure your future, you want to give yourself CHOICES.

Whether that be the choice to afford an overseas holiday each year (that doesn’t end up on your credit card). Being able to buy your first home or save enough to start a new business – the goal is different for everyone.

Maintaining your motivation to achieve your goal whatever it is, can be difficult at times.  Here is some ideas that will help in making sure you stay focussed…

Surround yourself with positive people – sounds easy enough.  If the people you are hanging around are not positive people – find some who are. 

Do not feel obligated to share your goal with everyone you meet.  Studies have shown you have more chance of reaching your goals if they are not shared with others.  You are therefore not introducing the opportunity for doubt, negativity and their fears to be shared. 

I wrote a post on Stop Absorbing Peoples Negative Energy read it here.

Find like-minded people. This has never been so easy with youtube and other social media sites, add some positive affirmation apps to your phone that pop up randomly.  Listen to podcasts or music that inspires you.

Make the commitment, write your goal and surround yourself in positive images.  Images that remind you of your goals.

Listen to music that keeps you moving towards your goal provides inspiration.

Invest in some apps that provide motivational messages.

Focus on the end goal and reward yourself when you reach your goal!

Don’t stress over the things outside of your control

Work out what you do have control over and do not have control over and concentrate on the things you DO have control over.  This also means don’t take on other people’s stresses or problems.  Easier said than done granted. But it is, a decision you can make. 

That is their book, their fears and their life, you are writing your own, close their book put it on the shelf, it’s not that you don’t care or have compassion you are living your own life.

Everyone trips, everyone falls

Understand your strengths and weaknesses and pay attention when you stumble on one of your weaknesses so you can send it packing.  Get up keep going.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t look at them as mistakes, instead leanne-tourist-shot-greece-holding-parthenonthink of it as “education tax”.

Success is not and will not be handed to you on a silver platter, Rome wasn’t built in a day, Hard work pays off,  you get the idea – Keep going.

You make the goal.  You plan the steps towards the goal and you reach the goal.

If you need to take some detours on the way – detour away, while maintaining your motivation.

Always be ready to change the steps to get to the goal, you may lose your job, you may have an injury that slows you down, there are a million things that could set you back. 

What will set you apart from the masses is, you wont give up. Accept that there has been a speed bump, detour or even a road block and find a way to get past it – you are in the process of positive change! You are building a better future – a future full of choices.

‘You can not do the same thing you have always done and expect a different result’

Believe in yourself!  Make every day count.

Happy Investing for your future and in yourself!