We have all worked with negative people before, or had people who are surrounded in drama in everything they do. But how do you stop absorbing peoples negative energy?

It can be really draining, no matter how you start the day, full of energy and positive, having read your positive affirmations, gone for a walk/jog before work and greeted everyone with a good morning it is like hittingsapa-rice-fields-vietnam a brick wall when you come to them, which no matter how hard you try can take the spring out of your step, wind out of your sails – you get the idea.

I came across this great post by David Wolfe and thought I would share it.  For the full article, click here

We’ve all been around negative people at some point or another. Maybe they are constantly complaining, insulting others, or they have a pessimistic view on just about everything. Being in a room with someone like that can quickly drag you down or even ruin your day if you are not careful.

We may feel sympathy on a basic level, but Empathy is the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective. If you feel empathy for someone, you are placing yourself in their shoes. Suddenly their problems feel like they are your problems, which causes you to absorb the negativity of your environment. Unfortunately, there are negative people just about everywhere you go. So how do you make sure you do not absorb their energy?

1. Let Go of People Pleasing

2. Know When to Say “No.”

3. Stop Draining Yourself to Mend Others

4. Take Some Time for Yourself

5. Know That You Are In Charge of You

If you read the full article there is a great video at the bottom about a daily exercise to protect yourself from taking on other people’s negative energy.  Carol mentions a tip she used to use with her kids to help them cope with the mass of energies they come in contact with, in a school environment.

I personally have always told my girls

“No one can make you inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Also encouraging the “forcefield” method when they experience negativity or feel overcome in a situation.  I demonstrate an exaggerated arc around them while saying”forcefield”.  If they don’t do it emphatically enough we repeat it until they do.

It turns tears to chuckles by the time they are done.  This also helps before talking in front of the class / group of people- something both my girls don’t enjoy.  If you are struggling with mean words from others, I encourage you to think of them as bubbles that pop once they are said are gone forever. Pop!  Pop!

Happy investing in yourself and your future!